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Prosperity Bed & Breakfast

We arrived around 7 p.m. and took a tour of the place.  During the tour we were told of guest experiences as well as the experiences of the owners.  Around 8:30 we set up our equipment and around 9:15 we got started.
      All night we all experienced an uncomfortable feeling.  Nothing new to ghost hunters.  Alot of knockings were heard but that isn't too uncommon with older buildings.  We had set up infared cameras in the main hallway on the first and second floors.  We were in hopes of catching a shadowy figure reported a couple times.  We also set up an infared camera in the rose room. 
     We had spit into groups of two.  Mike and David went to one room while Gene and guest took another.  Nothing seemed to happen while we were taking on the rooms up stairs. 
     Around 2 a.m. we set up an I.T.C. experiment.  By placing a camera directly infront of a television screen, it is said that sometimes you can see ghostly images.
     After minutes of a steady pulse, David started to ask questions and demanding for signs.  The pictures on the screen intensified after particular questions.  Nothing showed, but the pulsating light did intensify.
     Overall, no e.v.p.s were recorded and nothing really came up on photos.  We did manage to catch a couple things on camera to keep our minds wondering.  Nothing extraordinary, but nonetheless peculiar.  With the lack of evidence we retained, our opinion is that the building is not haunted.  Then again we did have a few peculiar shots with our ifrared cameras that keep the idea alive.