The Investigation

        We arrived around 8 p.m. and while Gene and Tabby were setting up the equipment, Mike and David met with Tony and Debra Pickman.  After meeting with them, we decided to invite them along. 
        The 2nd floor was covered with three IR cameras.  Downstairs we had one more monitoring two rooms.  We also had our recorders and cameras ready for action.
       Throughout the night we did have mixed feelings ranging from sadness, anger, calmness, and anxiousness.  A couple members also had a numbness run through them.
       There were a few things other than feelings being experienced in the house.  A black mass was witnessed by Mike.  Gene was also in the room but was not made aware of the sighting.   Although Gene didn't see it, he and Mike both received a chill at the same time... at the moment.  A possible evp was recorded at that time.
       While David was taking pictures in the nursery,  he claims he may have seen an image of a little girl in one of the windows.  After seeing the girl, he started out of the room.  As he got to the bottom of the stairs, Mike sent him back up.  Mike thought he had seen something in the nursery when Dave was leaving.  He was unaware of what David had seen.
      Later that night, Tony Pickmans hand was scratched.  It was hard enough that he was bleeding.  We did agree earlier in the night that we would not focus our investigation around any scratching.
      Another occurance was in the living room.  A phantom smell had been caught and was evident to everyone.  Gene and Tabby had smelled it before while standing on the porch earlier that night.
      With everything we have experienced, we do feel there is something at the Sallie House.  We do have a few good evps and pictures to go by, but our better judgement tells us not to make any conclusion until after our follow up.
As for now... the Sallie House is definitely HAUNTED.